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Tip #7 – What’s important about Symbol or Pictograph logos?

   The Symbol or Pictograph logo is the only type of logo that tells the story in picture form at a glance.

The real art here is to capture the essence or uniqueness, to clearly evoke a feeling or concept and/or to establish a position for the company or product. The symbol or pictograph can stand for or take the place of the firm or product it represents, and thus it can be an aid to memory. With the decline in literacy apparent today, symbols are needed to bridge the educational gap as well as to aid in communication between countries in this global community.


A well-thought-out symbol design is easily remembered. We all know that the mind can draw many conclusions after one quick look. To take full advantage of that fact, your logo should convey the right images that help the viewer create the conclusions you want them to have about your product, company or corporation. A positive impression that leads them to buy!

When involved in creating logos & branding – Hiring a professional firm to develop a logo is a must. Only a professional logo design firm can innovate, draw upon proven artistic communication tools, and know what will render well in any medium. A great logo should be a perfect blend of insight, creativity, and communication.

Ready To Get Started? Let’s talk about your logo. What should it communicate and to which audience? What are the key words or phrases that trigger your sale? Doesn’t your hard work & investment deserve a professional logo design? Go to CONTACT section above and send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with.

The Next Tip:we will talk about when to start a logo. Stay tuned for Tip #8

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