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Tip #5 – What is the importance of a Typeface logo?

The typeface logo solution, using type only to create a theme or mood, seems easiest, but it can be quite time-consuming and tricky.

Most typeface logos, like Coca-cola, include a clever use of type to identify a product, service or company in such a way as to make it unique. A few designers have gone to extremes by designing whole alphabets for the exclusive use of their client as an unusual form of identification. Designers have used the various letters forms and the sequences of these forms in spelling the name to create a feeling or style that sets their client apart. Another importance is that typeface logos, in your corporate identity package, often tend to be quite a bit easier on your corporate budget.



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The Next Tip: we will talk about the monogram logo and its uses. Stay tuned forTip #6

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