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Tip #4 – What is branding & image continuity?

Image Continuity: Image continuity is the key to launching and maintaining a new corporate identity package or updating an old one.

This continuity should extend through all the various communication materials. A logo package  and its branding process should include a set of recommended company colors, as well as stringent guidelines for the use of the logo and its selected typeface in all forms of communication media from print, outdoor billboards & bus shelter signage, vehicle signage, product packaging, labels through television and the Internet. Nothing should be left un-branded. Nothing!

Corporate image as an overview, permeates all areas of corporate communications. It can achieve the intangible and stated goals of any organization with the desired impact on the target market. The market will feel good about the company or product and will buy!

All logos can be reduced to three basic kinds: the typeface, the monogram and the symbol or pictograph. (Note: Logos can also be hybrids of any of these 3.)

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The Next Tip: we’ll talk about the typeface logo and its uses. Stay tuned for Tip #5

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