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Tip #10 – Why should we survey before we create our new corporate logo?

Marketing Research is the major key to great branding. Great logos should be a perfect blend of insight and creativity but you cannot have insight without exactly correct information.

But where does one get this type of information? Most business owners try their family, business associates, employees and occasionally their competitors. Although it might be tempting, that is not the most reliable info on which to hang one’s hat and one’s budget.


A much better and more reliable source of information is surveying your prospects, clients or customers. After all, they are the ones to whom you want to attract, interest and deliver your message so they will buy from you and not from your competitors. Right? Go to the head of the class!

A corporate logo or a picture is worth a thousand words, of course, but it had better be the right one. One that instantly communicates exactly what you want it to and strongly impacts the viewer in that brief moment that you have of their attention.

With the flood of offerings before the public today, you only have a moment for your target audience to make and instant emotional assessment and absorb your message. But how do I get that information from my target market?

Potter Marketing & Branding has made it her business to precisely specify and quantify who thinks-and feels-what about our clients’ products, services, features, benefits, brand names, logos, pricing, and competitors. Our work includes situation and market analysis, development of survey questionnaires, formats and interviewing venues. We have supervised teams of researchers in the successful completion of more than 750 survey and research projects. The tabulation, evaluation and analysis of responses has formed the basis for extremely effective marketing campaigns.

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The Next Tip: we will talk about surveying and testing your new logo. Stay tuned for Tip #11

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