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Tip #8 – When should we start our logo creation phase?

The best time to start the logo creation phase is just after the completion of your basic marketing and positioning research and surveys.

Before that, you are flying blind with no target, shooting in the dark at any noise. When the research is done, your design firm will have enough data to launch the design search. Aesthetics is not the only criterion for a great logo and branding. Pretty colors and beautiful shapes may not matter. And yours or my personal tastes may have no bearing on its appeal.

PM-WebHomeLogosB The things that really do matter are:

  • Have you done any marketing research on the acceptable message prospects and clients want to hear?
  • Does your new logo say and do what the research discovered will effectively push the emotional “hot buttons” of your public.
  • Will your new logo help to trigger sales or will it fail?
  • Does your new logo capture the real essence, philosophy or position of your firm?

Potter Marketing & Branding has been in the business of creating award winning logos and branding for more than four decades. Jack Potter started his agency in 1971 and has specialized in the creation of corporate, small business and product logos and the branding associated with them. This experience has gained him valuable knowledge in what it takes to communicate your correct message and get your prospects to purchase from you and…NOT your competitors.

Go to, click on the  CONTACT section above and send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with.

The Next Tip: we will talk about small business messaging and its uses.         Stay tuned for Tip #9

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