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Tip #13 – How should I protect my new logo?

How should I protect my new logo?  Should I get a Trade Mark (TM), a Service Mark (SM)  or should I have it Registered ®?

Protect it or loose it: Once the logo has been surveyed and finalized, the symbol, if it has one, must be Trade Marked. The name should be Service Marked so that the complete mark is protected and always Copyright its use with any text on any promotional piece.


Then, and this may take some time, apply to have it registered with the Patent and Trademark office. The fee is small, and the trademark form doesn’t require an attorney’s help to complete. However, it may take the better part of a year to receive the final registered trademark from Washington, D.C.

By now you may have put blood, sweat, money and time into this endeavor and you don’t want that effort to be lost. “Protect it or loose it,” is my motto.

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The Next Tip: we will talk about setting usage standards your new logo. Stay tuned for Tip #14

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