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Tip #9 – What should our new logo show or say about our business?

In “Small Business Messaging,” your logo should convey the correct image to your customer at a single glance. Customers decide a lot about your company at a glance.

Try it now. Take a glance at your sign. Peek at your business card or stationery. Glimpse your brochure. Check out your company’s vehicles. View your business website. What did you see?

What image comes to your mind? Chances are your logo, or lack of one, formed an image of your business even more so than your name. It screamed at the viewer: We’re Creative! Dull! Clever! Economical! State-of-the-Art! Behind-The-Times! Classy! Disorganized! Trustworthy! Cheesy! Or Friendly!

Getting the logo to scream the right message in the correct volume is absolutely vital. But how does a small business owner achieve that goal?

Nature's Embrace Organics Home Web Page

Nature’s Embrace Organics Home Web Page

Potter Marketing & Branding has been in business for nearly five decades. Starting in 1971 we have specialized in the creation of corporate, business and product logos and the branding associated with them. Our experience has gained us valuable knowledge in what it takes to communicate your message and get your prospects to purchase from you and…NOT your competitors.

Go to then click on the CONTACT section above and send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with. See what can be done for you!

If your budget is a bit too skinny, go to, check out the more than 850 pre-designed logos in 15 categories.

The Next Tip: we will talk about marketing research. Stay tuned for Tip #10

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