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Tip #2 – Logos, why are they so important?

Identification & Branding For Business: Corporations as well as small to medium companies need public identities too.

For many centuries now, businesses around the world have been contracting with designers and artists to create distinctive symbols that would command as much respect as those of earlier times.

The ornate wordy character of some of these symbols, in their earliest forms, was no particular problem because their usage was of a fairly limited nature.

The problems associated with corporate identification and logos today have greatly intensified, largely due to the nature of the media used to reproduce them. Firms must instantly identify themselves in full color as well as black and white and on various surfaces and materials.

A logo must be clearly readable whether they might appear in magazines, newspapers, the Internet, on the sides of trucks, billboards, television, signage or on uniforms, as well as stationery, business forms, product labels, boxes, displays or tradeshow booths, trucking firms, air craft or even the smokestacks of sleek pleasure ships. The diverse exposure of a logo demands clear and exact designs that can be easily reproduced to any size needed – in some cases from nearly the head of a pin to that of a football field – while remaining recognizable and identifying the company or group quickly and easily.

No corporation or company is exempt from current identification demands. Whether computer company logos, fishing logos or electrical logos, cafe logos, fashion company logos or bakery logos, they all need insight, creativity and need to convey your message accurately.

You may consider a low cost but high quality logo, if you budget demands it, but only consider it if it really delivers the goods. Check out our website, click on SHOP and choose from 15 different subjects for something inexpensive that might work for you. If you looking for a restaurant logo or cafe logo, we have a special section just for you. From monograms to symbols to complete logos, we have them. Grab one and go!

The Next Tip: we will talk about the importance of marketing positioning in today’s business. Stay tuned for Tip #3

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