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Tip #1 – Logos, what are they?

A Short History: For many thousands of years, large and small groups of all types have used symbols, patterns and colors to identify themselves and their family’s belongings.

During the Middle Ages and on up to present time, in Western Europe, the “Coat of Arms” served as a way to identify royal families. Japan’s aristocracy identified their families with a “mon,” a circular design incorporating flowers or animals. For centuries in China, artists have been using a “chop” to symbolize their name on their drawings, paintings and art of all types. Scottish clans used a particular and unique “plaid” worn proudly in the family’s clothing to identified them from the others. These symbols brought an air of respect to the families and meant to the illiterate “watch out,” “keep your hands off,” “this belongs to us” and much more.

Emblazoned on carriages, castles, stationery and sealing wax, these symbols soon became the first public identity devices or, if you will, their corporate identity package.

Presently, logos for companies and corporations must be established that convey the purpose or product of the enterprise. Imagine cafe logos or restaurant branding that sends the wrong message. How would that effect traffic or patrons? A plumbing logo, an electrical logo, a computer company logo as several examples, should let people viewing it know clearly what the company does or what it stands for. Poorly conceived or worse, poorly rendered, logos will send the wrong message and well conceived and executed ones will set the stage for your success.

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The Next Tip: the importance of logos in modern-day business. Stay tuned for Tip #2

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