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Tip #15 – How should I introduce my new logo to my target public?

 If your company is new, it’s not a problem at all. Design your new logo into all promotion as quickly as possible and get it out there FAST!

If your company is relatively small, it is quite a bit easier than if it is large and has been around for quite a while. Let’s take the small company or corporation who has just had a new logo and branding “facelift.” If you have followed my advice thus far, you will have surveyed your key publics on your new logo and they will have responded in a positive manner. People love to help.


The next action you should take, after you have finalized the logo, is to send out an email thanking them for their help in its creation and announcing the why, how and what of your new logo and its new image. I would also create a “special offer” for only the responders to your surveys, that shows your gratitude and gets them purchasing your products in an increased way. Take some time with this and come up with a “Killer Offer” that they would jump all over.

This is only one of many ways of introducing your new logo, image and branding. Since ready cash is a constant concern for small businesses, you might want to start replacing your old logo with the new one as needed, when you run out of each printed promotional piece. If your promotion is digital then you replace it immediately and carry on. Easy!

Go to, click on the CONTACT section above and send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with.

Next: A summary and a chat about budgets. Stay tuned for the conclusion.