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Tip #11 – Why should we “Instant Impression Test” before we create our new corporate logo?

Impression Testing your logo: You’ll never get a second chance at a first impression.

One of the most important steps in the development of graphic images and logos for marketing, advertising and public relations is INSTANT IMPRESSION TESTING. Without it you can easily waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on a logo or a direct mail campaign no one likes or remembers. The same goes for ads or any other promotion.



Look at the cost of a half page ad in any major publication. It’s not pennies. Why risk having that investment go down the drain on an ad that doesn’t bite or a logo that no one even glances at.

Your buying public must be consulted prior to completing any logo, designs for promo or packaging strategies. If you don’t consult customers opinions, you’re wasting your time and money. Instant Impression Testing is the simple and powerful way to make sure you’re visuals are on the mark and get the results you intended.

All graphic images should be tested to find out:

• Do they convey your message to the target public?

• Can the message be absorbed at a glance?

• How well it is remembered?

• How do the public feel about the graphics?

The superiority of your product or service needs to be paired with ultimate aesthetic appeal to maximize your success. If the design has hit the mark, that brief instant of attention will succeed in attracting your target market public long enough for it to deliver your intended message and help to sell the product. The only way you can really find out if your design or artwork actually attracts and communicates properly is to survey the target market…Period!

When your first impressions stick, you will certainly take it to the bank. Go to and click the CONTACT section above to send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with.

The Next Tip: we will talk about getting help with the creation of your new logo. Stay tuned for Tip #12

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