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Tip #12 – Who should I hire to create our new corporate logo?

What criteria should I use to pick the best designer?

(Here’s a tip…it won’t be your brother-in-law, your secretary with 3 credit hours of art appreciation or the kid next door that likes to draw.)

Get Some Help: Hiring a professional to develop a logo is an absolute must. You don’t want your future resting upon some amateur effort. But before hiring a logo designer, look at many samples of recent work. Check their longevity and track record in their field. Check their referrals and success stories.


A great logo should be a perfect blend of insight, creativity and communication, but you cannot have insight without information. If your logo designer does not request the details of your business, any professional research done, your product or service and a profile of your target market, find another designer, quick!

High price is no guarantee of great work and neither is a low one…you often get what you pay for. Cheap equals amateur, usually. Cheap, in the long run, is not cheap at all. It usually means that in a very short period, all of your branding and promotional literature has to be redesigned and reprinted at a much, much, much greater cost. You don’t often have a second chance at a first impression. The question you might want to ask is…

“How much business did an amateur logo and branding campaign cost my business?”

A word to the wise, never stage a logo contest. It might be tempting in order to save money, but you’ll be lucky if you get even one good design. Many amateurs will be attracted but no professionals will bother. Let’s face it, you won’t get a professional logo by hiring amateurs. That would be a false expectation…at best.

The business owner always has input but should leave the logo creation to the professional designer armed with his survey data and testing. The final decision should always, always, always come from one’s own marketplace. Always!!!

Go to, click on the CONTACT section above and send Jack a message. He will reach out to you right away. He has done thousands of logos, is a good listener and is easy to work with.

The Next Tip: we will talk about getting your new logo protected. Stay tuned for Tip #13

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