Now, Meet Our Master Logosmith!

Jack Potter, BFA

Founder, Creative Director

Jack Potter has been our founder, CEO and creative director continuously for the past 49 years. His background as a fine artist, creative director, graphic designer, logo-smith, and an entrepreneur has helped him create more than 1500 professional and corporate logos and branding for some very high-end corporations, smaller business and a sprinkling of startups as well. He really loves what he does and…it shows.

Several years ago, seeing the state of the economy and knowing that it was important that all businesses have professional logos at affordable prices, Jack devised three ways that any company can have an inexpensive one. Go to our HOME page and see the complete details for each. Go to our SHOP to browse our 15 collections of professional logos at bargain prices.

850 professional logos at bargain prices…

You may purchase one of our professional logos at bargain prices in these 3 ways:

“As-Is Logo” – a logo which is exactly as it appears or…

“Semi-Custom Logo” – a logo with your required minor changes for a small fee or…

“Fully-Custom Logo” – a logo created from scratch to your exact needs.

Search the site by price or from 15 categories. Just click SHOP and enjoy!

Corporate logos, professional logos

For almost five decades we’ve created professional logos for our many high-end clients. Each final logo that our high-priced clients selected had 15 to 20 brothers or sisters that our client didn’t like as much. “Too blue, too tall, too round, too skinny, the decorator didn’t like it…or whatever.” Our client picked the one that they really loved and the rest were…well, just left over…but Ready To Go. Hence, our name…

Every one of those professional logos was created with the same quality and professionalism as the client’s chosen logos. Rather than waste that effort and creativity, we decided to offer these professional logos for sale to the public at a fraction of their original price tag. Now anyone can have a professional logo very affordably Go to SHOP and see what we’ve got for you at surprisingly low costs.